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All hospitality professionals need comfortable and stilysh shoes to work all day long. Oneflex try to provide them with the best occupational shoes.
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Hospitality stuff

Hospitality stuff

That girl who serves you a coffee every morning in the usual cafeteria, that veteran waiter who who puts the toast with ham and tomato in front of you at lunchtime, in the bar in front of the office and who you have been greeting for fifteen years, that bartender who lovingly mixes a gin and tonic in your partner’s favorite pub, the waitress you come across when you leave home in the morning and who always greets you while passing by with the tray in balance, on the way to the terrace of her little bar, all of them and as many as them, make up a guild of hospitality professionals who belong to our lives in a special, sometimes endearing way, either when they are habitual or when they are occasional. The waiter, using the masculine as generic, that that boy, that girl, that man or woman who dedicates his effort to serve us, to please us, to put a smile for us, her clients. They are part of the peasantry of any Spanish city, also in other countries, of course, but here, in ours, we must recognize that they have outstanding relevance. We are an extroverted, social, bar, caña, coffee, Cuban-free culture, with a bar on every corner. In the cafeteria, in the bar, in the restaurant, we talk, read, love, laugh, cry, talk, listen, we interact with our friends, with our family, with our clients, with all the world.

That is why waiters have access to a not inconsiderable part of our lives, sometimes even our privacy. They see and listen, they attend to us professionally, but they also sometimes approach in a more personal way, because after all they are people. During those long days behind the bar or at the tables, they are spectators and actors of various scenes. That couple who just entered the bar, caramelized, and who cuddled up next to the bar, very heated, and suddenly she asked him: What did you tell me your name? While the bartender was washing some glasses next to them, hiding an amused smile; that elderly gentleman who asks for a coffee and a lot of conversation and to whom you always have to give the reason not to bother; the one who comes a few days pouting and appreciates a simple question such as are you okay ?; Psychology, the left hand, professionalism in care, are essential skills in that profession that accompanies us throughout our social life, invisible many times, visible when it should be.

Recently we discovered countless good anecdotes and insightful insights about waiters and waitresses, the backbone of the hospitality industry, in Sergi Moreso’s wonderful graphic book, a book of humorous cartoons’ The typical bar. If the waiter spoke … ‘(Lunwerg Editores) where one can laugh and get excited with multiple situations drawn from the purest reality, without fiction.

Today we wanted to mention the book and talk about those “waiters things”. After all, they are the recipients of our hospitality footwear. We manufacture for them, the best we know, comfortable shoes to work as a waiter, among other professions. We try to give them the comfort they need and the design and distinction they deserve to be able to carry out their work in comfort and style.

And we believe that, most of the time, we succeed.

Thanks to all who trust us and our hospitality footwear.