Oneflex - The professional comfort | Oneflex booth at Sicur 2020, exhibiting hospitality and occupational shoes
Oneflex exhibiting his occupational shoes, hospitality footwear and uniform shoes in Sicur 2020, Ifema, Madrid.
occupational shoes, hospitality footwear, catering shoes, work shoes
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We were at Sicur 2020

We were at Sicur 2020

It seems like yesterday, but time flies, as the topic says, and exactly a month ago we were exhibiting our hospitality, occupational and uniform footwear at the Sicur 2020 fair at Ifema.

It was during the first days of this terrible health crisis that we are experiencing in Spain and throughout the world. Much has unfortunately changed since then. The new images that we see now of the Ifema pavilions, converted urgently into a gigantic field hospital to care for Covid-19 patients, cause us amazement and are the greatest example of the brutal turn our existence has taken. Those same pavilions where a month ago we excitedly presented our footwear, where we served dozens and dozens of clients who had been looking for news for the Easter and summer campaign, are now a hospital. A graphic image of the magnitude of the tragedy.

From the first day, at Oneflex we have taken the sanitary measures recommended by the government to be able to continue with our activity, to continue providing service to our clients, but without compromising the safety of our team and trying to decrease movements and social contact to contribute to reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

At the time of writing this post, our manufacturing lines are operational only for the most essential, while our warehouse is fully operational and from home we do the more teleworking the better.

We are no stranger to the dramatic magnitude of events, but we keep intact our hope that it is a passing juncture, a parenthesis. We will take advantage of it to continue maturing those new exciting projects that have been on stand-by for now, such as the development of a new collection of shoes to work in the hospitality industry and in the service sector, with a view to trying to launch it on the market at the end of the year.

In the meantime, we want to send, from this modest communication platform that is our blog, a message of encouragement to our entire team, to our clients and also to all the companies that collaborate with us and help us every day in the proper functioning of our manufacturing and sales activity.