Oneflex - The professional comfort | The men work shoes best sellers for Oneflex
Oneflex ranking of the best seller men´s work shoes for hospitality and health&care professionals: made in Spain with premium leather, memory-foam footbeds and anti-skid outsoles.
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Men´s best seller work shoes

Men´s best seller work shoes

Last week we reviewed the sales ranking of our Oneflex collection of work shoes for women and this time it is the turn of men’s work shoes: hospitality shoes and footwear for uniformity, as well as sanitary clogs, which form one of our most commercial lines of work shoes: the one destined to all those male professionals who work in so many and so diverse subsectors encompassed under that wide umbrella.

Lately, trends in what men and women demand for work shoes have been unified. If before the female audience prevailed aesthetics over the rest of the attributes, while the male audience exclusively sought comfort, we can ensure that men now pay more attention to the design of professional footwear and women value comfort more than before . From our experience, male professionals who work in sectors such as hospitality and healthcare, are looking for comfortable working shoes that are very functional but at the same time have a touch of design.

That is why in Oneflex we not only focus on creating comfortable shoes for men, manufacturing them to be comfortable and functional (highly breathable, non-slip, antibacterial …), but we also try to give them a touch of modernity in design, offering the male audience a comfortable footwear with a current and attractive aesthetic.

Returning to what concerns us, the sales ranking within our men’s footwear collection.

In number two of the list of best sellers, we have the JULES model, designed with a sporty touch, both in the upper and in the sole, it is a non-slip shoe specially designed as a waiter’s shoe, but very versatile use within the hospitality industry and other similar sectors. Like all our shoes, we manufacture it in Spain with flexible and high quality leather, antibacterial microfiber lining, memory foam insole and ultra light non-slip sole.

In the number one ranking, the HUGO model continues to reign as the best-selling men’s work shoe: a classic style, but with a touch of modernity that accentuates its elegance. It is a very comfortable shoe, suitable for many professions in which a slight touch of dressing distinction is required. Like the other models of men’s shoes, it is made of premium leather, soft and flexible; It is also a non-slip shoe with antibacterial microfiber lining, memory foam plant and ultralight EVA sole.

Finally, as was also the case in our collection of women’s work shoes, in the men’s collection, there are also some new models that we have just launched and have not yet had time to make a dent in that list of the most sold.

In this case, these are two models that arrive with great force, two comfortable shoes for working in hospitality that have a very good sales pace: Adan and Bruno. We are convinced that shortly they will go to the top of the ranking, because it is very comfortable, functional and extremely competitive hotel footwear in price.