Oneflex - The professional comfort | Confort breathable hospitality sneakers model Robin
Hospitality sneakers Robin are comfortable and breathable shoes for hospitality professionals.
Hospitality sneakers, shoes for waitress, shoes por waiter, confort professional shoes
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The sneakers are for the summer

The sneakers are for the summer

Today the long-awaited summer begins: or not so awaited though, because it depends on how much you like  heat and on which side of the bar you are.

For the entire staff of waiters, boys and girls, now begins the pick of their work season, which means crowds, the inevitable stress, long hours of work, all day standing and moving, walking miles and miles on the floor of the cafeteria, the bar, the restaurant or the crowded terrace with people in shorts and T-shirts. And the heat. a lot of it for those who work outdoors, but also for the staff indoor, despite the air conditioning.

Of course the profession of waiter and waitress is hard, physically demanding, especially when the weather conditions become extreme.

Thinking about contributing our bit, as manufacturers of professional footwear, a few months ago we released a new model of comfort sports shoe, designed for this summer period. This is the Robin, a very comfortable sneaker, with a modern design, where the “helmet” style sole stands out, which is stitched to the upper and the inner sole, wrapping the foot and providing extreme flexibility to facilitate movements when walking. The upper of the hospitality shoe model Robin is made with Ozone technical fabric, which is a fully breathable material, which added to the Coolmax fabric lining (with heat dissipating effect), makes the shoe a comfortable footwear for hospitality, really cool and breathable. In addition, like the rest of our line of work shoes for the hospitality indutry made with the Strobel sewing system, the Robin shoes are machine washable.

The set is rounded off by its removable insole, made of anatomically thermoformed memory foam, which provides a feeling of total comfort during those long days in which a waiter walks more than a footballer in a World Cup match.

The Robin shoes are shoes for waiter and waitress, designed with unisex focus and modern style, so that the hospitality staff can work with maximum comfort, even in spite of the summer heat.

We hope you find them useful.