Oneflex - The professional comfort | Oneflex spot "The most wanted", introducing comfortable men shoes model Hugo.
Oneflex introduces his champion model Hugo, a comfortable men shoe for hospitality workers and ideal as uniform shoe.
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The most wanted

The most wanted

These are hard times.

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 is wreaking havoc at the health level around the world and at the same time having terrible economic repercussions. Companies and businesses within sectors related to tourism, catering and leisure are among those who suffer the most and suffer the consequences of the activity stoppage that the health crisis is causing, in all countries and especially in those, such as Spain , in which tourism has a greater specific weight.

It is a shame how so many companies, large, medium and small, are going through a desert of inactivity.

It is something very serious. But, as the saying goes: every cloud has a silver lining.

Because we are optimistic and we are convinced that we will soon see the clouds that now seem leaden and immovable to clear. The measures taken by the different governments and those taken individually by each of us, together, above all, with the rapid growth in the rate of vaccination, will bear fruit shortly. We are sure that spring will come and the landscape that will appear before our eyes will be clearer, less dramatic and hopeful.

That is why we wanted to smile and, although we take all these events that we are passing through very seriously, and also because we take the professional and occupational footwear we manufacture and our intimate relationship with the various sectors that use them very seriously: hospitality , healthcare, uniformity, catering, … for all that, we have looked for a place for humor.

Thanks to the invaluable collaboration of our friends from the Mercedes-Vegar dealership in Elche, who lent us their filming facilities, we have made a modest spot based on our Hugo model, the star comfortable men’s shoe in our uniform footwear collection. , widely used by companies of all kinds: hospitals, hotels, funeral homes, restaurants, etc …

We hope it makes you smile.