Oneflex - The professional comfort | Comfort clog made by Onelfex, model Adel, for hospitality and health care professional
Adel is an anti-skid work clog designed for health care and hospitality professionals.
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Non-slip and lightweigh clogs

Non-slip and lightweigh clogs

The “Zoco” and the “Zocas” (the first made with wooden soles and leather upper, while the second one is made entirely of wood) are the old clogs: a typical footwear of the wet areas, which has been used since centuries for almost all cultures.

Although the popular belief locates its origin in Holland, in fact wooden clogs, in different versions, arose at the dawn of civilization in very diverse places and cultures, even in some that did not have contact with each other for centuries. It is possible that its current widespread use as a flockloric element in the Netherlands has led us to associate the wooden clog to that geographical area, but the truth is that it was already used in the Roman Empire, as well as in Japan. In the Iberian Peninsula it was common in Galicia, Asturias and areas of Castilla-León, where it was known by different names: madreñas and cholos are the most common ones.

The wooden clogs, with those protuberances with the shape of “legs” in the sole, were very practical for working in the fields and walking on muddy floors, but not so much for use on the most modern asphalted or envaldosados ​​floors. For this reason, the clog evolved morphologically and lost those characteristic supports that raised it from the ground, but retained, however, the distinctive and essential design of its last, so unmistakable for all of us.

May this historical introduction be good to explain that with the incorporation of our model ADEL, an EVA injected clog for health care and hospitality professionals, we are not inventing anything, but doing our bit to improve the technical properties of this millennial work footwear that for several decades resurged with force in the working world, thanks to the modern technology of polymer injection, actually the reticulated EVA: a very light material, resistant, flexible and now also with excellent anti-slip properties.

Adel is a clog shoe that can be used both as sanitary clog and for various jobs in the hospitality sector, in aesthetic clinics and other similar sectors.

Up to date, EVA slip-resistant clogs required, to provide sufficient grip, pieces made of rubber and TPU that were inserted by hand into the sole of the clog at the end of the production phase. However, with the development of new polymer compounds, we have achieved that our Adel clog comes straight out of the mold with the coefficient of grip required by the EN-ISO 20347 standard to classify it as an anti-slip work clog SRC level, in addition to antistatic, which results in a lower cost and also makes it a work shoe that, in addition to providing a high comfort (typical of the last and design of the clogs), offers the level of security necessary for various types of professionals who work on slippery surfaces, especially those that work on wet floors with detergents and fats or oils, as well as other liquids.

Therefore, our new incorporation is an anatomical clog , very comfortable and with excellent technical properties: anti-slip and antistatic, ideal for professionals in the health care industry, hospitality and related industries