Oneflex - The professional comfort | Oneflex cabin crew shoes and hospitality shoes model Susie
Oneflex launches a new ballerina-type shoe style fot cabin crews, hospitality personnel and many other professional who need comfortable occupational shoes for their daily work.
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New ballerina in town

New ballerina in town

It seems that after such long months, air traffic is slowly picking up its pace again. Airports are once again those places of transfer of passengers who come and go incessantly and with this the rest of the tourism sector is also reactivated, especially the hospitality industry. This is excellent news for everyone, and especially for so many thousands of professionals: once again, pilots and cabin crew take to the skies, and hospitality personnel are back on the pitch.

Taking advantage of this return of activity to the tourism sector, we have taken the opportunity to make a replacement in one of the usual models of our work footwear collection.

As all our clients know, one of the classics in our models of professional cabin crew shoes and footwear for hospitality personnel and the like are ballerinas: those comfortable and almost flat shoes that do such a good role for so many professionals from sectors as diverse as the aviation, hospitality, commerce and services in general.
Since our beginnings, we have offered traditional ballerinas, which throughout these years have undergone some slight modifications in their design and composition, but which have remained  essential for a long period of time. They have more than fulfilled their role, but we felt that our public, our flight attendants and also the professionals who work in the hospitality and commercial sectors, who are also users of our work footwear, that all of them needed more evolved footwear. in all aspects, both design and, above all, functionality.

For this reason we have decided to replace the classic ballerinas (we are referring to the Natalie model) with a new style called SUSIE, much more modern in terms of style and much more functional in terms of comfort and technical properties.

In this way, the new design for cabin crew shoes, hospitality footwear and ballerina-type uniformity shoes has got more modern lines, which begin over the basis of its EVA comfortlight sole with a slight wedge and really soft volumes, which gives the Susie much of its personality, and which at the same time is also that ultralight EVA sole, the basis from which the excellent comfort of this work shoe starts.

The material in which the sole of the Susie model is made, the EVA comfortlight, is extremely light, flexible and non-slip on dry floors and on floors wet with water and detergent. Very appropriate qualities for the development of the daily work of flight attendant and hospitality personnel.

Continuing with the composition of the shoe, on top of the sole we have a nappa leather upper, very soft and flexible, with a 100% breathable, antibacterial microfiber lining (helps to eliminate the bad smell of sweat from the foot) and with a pleasant touch. .

The foot sits comfortably on a removable insole made of memory foam (open cell polyurethane foam) and covered with the same antibacterial microfiber we mentioned before.

The end result is a very comfortable, flexible flight attendant shoe, with a pleasant touch to the foot, breathable, with excellent grip on all types of floors and with very good shock absorption when walking. Indicated to stand for many hours without the body suffering.

We are sure that the Susie is a comfortable shoe that will do its job very well, both as a cabin shoe for flight attendants, and as everyday work shoes for many other professions.