Oneflex - The professional comfort | Oneflex comfortable work sneakers for hospitality and heath care industries
Oneflex new work sneakers are comfortable shoes for hospitality and health care professionals
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More than hospitality shoes

More than hospitality shoes

It is our professional deformation: we always go with our eyes on the ground. Looking at, watching, people’s shoes, especially when it comes to our field: work shoes. That’s why, when entering a restaurant, at the reception of a hotel, when we have to go to the doctor’s or to the hospital … the first thing we do is look at what shoes the waiter, or the receptionist, or the nurse, or the doctor wears. It is more than a habit, it is almost a continuous market research.

Not many days ago we had a working lunch with several distributors in a hotel on the Mediterranean coast. A modern establishment, built with much success next to a palm orchard, whose restaurant is open to a lush garden with swimming pool. A functional but elegant place, where you can talk without distractions while enjoying the splendid surroundings. We were waited on by a young and very professional waiter. The uniform he was wearing, we liked it, because of its modern elegance: slim fit shirt and trouser, Italian style, with narrow leg, all the garments in black. However, when looking at the shoes we were astonished: an old waiter’s shoe style with little design and very old last, totally discordant with the rest of the uniform. They squeaked in sight.

Of course, it is not the only case. All those who dedicate themselves to the world of uniformity know that for decades little attention has been paid to the design and quality of uniforms. However, there are already many workwear firms that are emerging from this aesthetic enclosure, fortunately.

At Oneflex, that has been one of our main motivations since we began our career in the work footwear industry : designing and manufacturing hospitality shoes, health care shoes and, in general, uniform shoes  that are attractive. Shoes that are very comfortable, but without forgetting that they have to be stylish, with a modern and differential aesthetic touch.

With that idea in mind we developed a whole new collection of hospitality shoes that are much more than that. This is a series of models of sneakers with a sporty touch, made with the “Strobel” system on the basis of a non-slip rubber sole that is sewn to the inner insole and to the upper, so that the result is a very flexible and very durable footwear which can also be washed in a washing machine without any risk of taking them off or deterioration.

They are unisex shoes: shoes for waiter and waitress, also usable as kitchen shoes, as well as a white version designed as health care footwear, manufactured with waterproof and breathable microfiber upper, Coolmax grid lining, removable thermoformed memory -foam insock and non-slip outsole. The basic models are the Sacha (a bamba with laces with a very sporty look), the Alex and the Ariel (two versions of the same bamba without laces, with elastics on the sides of the upper). An excellent option for professionals in the hospitality industry, health care and similar sectors, who are looking for high quality, comfortable and stylish shoes.