Oneflex - The professional comfort | Gerad, new hospitality shoe model by Oneflex
Oneflex launches Gerad, a new and stylish, non-slip, comfortable hospitality shoe.
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More comfort for men

More comfort for men

We continue to add new models of hospitality footwear to our collection of comfortable shoes for work and uniformity. In this case, it is a new shoe for men: the Gerad model.

We wanted to give this model a fresh and youthful style, which is why we have been inspired by fashionable footwear, taking it to our field, because after all, apart from the aesthetic design, the important thing is that the work footwear resulting very comfortable and functional.

Based on an ergonomic footwear last, the sole is made of polyurethane with non-slip inserts, which gives it an excellent grip, a quality that is essential for all those professionals in the hospitality and service sector who have to work in environments where it is easy for liquids to spill on the floor. It is also a very modern sole, which really adds a strong load of style to the design of the Gerad model, giving it a large part of its personality.

Both the inside of the shoe and the outside are made with the usual materials at Oneflex, which are giving us such good results in other models in our catalog of professional footwear and especially hospitality footwear: open cell polyurethane foam insole with memory effect; breathable and padded technical fabric lining to improve comfort; upper of natural nappa leather, bovine, with soft touch and resistant to abrasion.

Therefore, the Gerad model is a non-slip, very comfortable hospitality shoe, made in Spain with a leather upper and insole with memory effect. A very stylish model, intended for professionals in the hospitality sector, the service sector and the like.