Oneflex - The professional comfort | slip rsistant work shoes Camile
Camile comfort work shoes are specially design for hospitality professionals and for those people who need comfortable footwear with non slip outsole.
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Less is more

Less is more

Also when we talk about anatomical footwear that maxim is fulfilled: less is more.

Behind our collection of work shoes there is a huge effort carried out by the whole of our team. As you can imagine, it has taken us many hours of dedication and it has not been a simple task: defining the lines of the designs, choosing materials and components that have got the necessary technical properties to give the shoe its specific functionality as work shoes and the comfort that the user needs to be standing for long hours keeping their feet comfortable. Within the whole process of design and development of each and every one of the models of professional footwear that integrate our catalog, in the end always comes a point where you have to remove things, simplify. It is an intellectual effort when that time comes to apply the maxim I mentioned at the beginning of these lines.

In order to implement this “less is more” that gives a footwear design the final touch of style and elegance, it is necessary to suppress all the superfluous, all the details that do not contribute and that obstruct the visualization of the concept that the designer had in his mind.

Of course, for us, our footwear collection is much more than a set of anatomical shoes designed to work and to stand during long hours. For us, those shoes are like the work for the artist, they are our creation.

Within these creations, we are convinced that the Camile professional footwear model is the “less is more” paradigm, without discussion. You only have to admire its elegant and simple line, without stitches or ornaments that distract the view.

The upper, made of  soft nappa leather, is completely smooth and has a clean line that collects well the foot and at the same time is stylish. The back collar is padded to make it more comfortable, but this padding is not subject to any sewing, but with a thermoadhesive, which contributes to the cleaning of its design.

The lining we have used is a microfiber 100% breathable and antibacterial, with a really pleasant touch when in contact with the foot. The same microfiber has been used to coat the removable open cell polyurethane foam footbed with memory effect, which is one of the keys of the Camile work shoe to be extremely comfortable.

The other key is the outsole, of modern design, made of polyurethane with non-slip inserts. Polyurethane is a light material, very resistant and flexible, which provides a good absorption of impacts when walking. Anti skid inserts are very effective to avoid slipping, both on dry floor and wet with water and detergents. An important functionality when we talk about work shoes.