Oneflex - The professional comfort | Comfort professional shoes model Marie
Model Marie is a really comfortable and non-slip shoe, made for hospitality and health care professionals.
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Attention: wet floor !

Attention: wet floor !


Water and detergent together make magic.

When cleaning, of course, but also when they fall to the ground and turn a dry and safe surface into a skating track. All of you who are professionals in catering, hospitality and healthcare know very well what we are talking about. Who has not had one of those fateful slips during work? Sometimes the consequences can be disastrous and it is convenient to take into account, at the time of acquiring work footwear, the anti-slip properties of it.

We know that many professionals, especially beginners, choose to use the same street shoes they use in their free time. It is a mistake in most cases. It is not a free statement or with mere commercial intentions, but an advice based on experience: there are many options of materials and designs when manufacturing a shoe outsole and those that are used for standard street shoes are usually non-slip .

For that reason, when we chose the base soles to develop the Oneflex collection of footwear for hospitality, health care and uniformity, we chose materials and designs that provide excellent grip on slippery floors and that of course passed the laboratory tests established by the  standard UNE-EN-ISO 20347 for work footwear.

Currently we manufacture all our models on three different types of anti-skid soles, but there is one that for us represents something more than the others, because it was the first and has got some sentimental value. We call it “the seven hundred”, because it is the model number given by our component supplier. It is a very flexible and comfortable polyurethane sole, with anti-slip inserts, specially designed to maximize grip, and it does work: not only because it has gone through lab tests, but because we have tested it in work environments and situations of all kinds , with excellent results. As, in addition, has a modern design that is very attractive, the seven hundred is a anti-skid sole that we use for several models, both the hospitality footwear lines, as for the health care & beauty line.

We would like to introduce to you one of those models, the Marie.

It is a shoe designed initially for health care staff (waterproof and washable white microfiber version) and for hospitality professionals (black leather version), but was also made as a comfortable and anatomical polyvalent shoe, which can also be used in many other professions or simply as a street shoe.

The Marie model, manufactured on the basis of the non-slip polyurethane sole, has a wide elastic band on the upper that holds the foot really well, leaving some freedom of movement. Like many of our models of anatomical shoes, the Marie has a removable footbed made of memory foam and is lined with breathable and antibacterial technical microfiber. It is a comfortable, functional shoe with an attractive design that has an excellent acceptance as a work shoe and as comfortable footwear for free time.

A shoe to consider.