Oneflex - The professional comfort | The women work shoes best sellers for Oneflex
Oneflex best sellers comfortable shoes for women during the year 2019 for uniformity and hospitality industries.
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Best sellers women work shoes

Best sellers women work shoes

We have not finished the year, there is still the final sprint, but after these intense months of work, especially in the  uniformity and hospitality industries, we have stopped for a moment to look back over the sales behavior, especially with the intention of putting on the paper, in figures, the models that have worked best during these eight months of the year.

There are no big surprises, because the feelings that are transmitted to us every day are a reliable source to know which lines of work shoes are sold better than others and which models stand out among others.

Within the work footwear segment for women, our catalog is mainly oriented towards hospitality footwear (waitress shoes, receptionist shoes, black shoes) and more generically to footwear for uniformity. Within this group of work shoes for women, understood as comfortable footwear for work, it is an unstoppable trend in the sector of work uniformity that users increasingly seek comfort. There are many and very long working hours, almost always standing, and that makes it essential to have the right shoes, which means that they not only have to be functional (non-slip, breathable, with good shock absorption, elegant, etc. ..), but above all very comfortable.

The champion of sales in comfortable women’s footwear remains, unbeatable, the Camile model: a smooth and elegant black court, manufactured in our usual soft nappa and with antibacterial microfiber lining, removable memory-foam insole and non-slip polyurethane sole, is A very flexible and comfortable shoe model. It is also a very versatile shoe, suitable for many jobs within the hospitality sector and in other professions such as cabin crews, clerks, etc …

In the second place in the sales ranking we find, more than one model, a range of models: the heels (Lea, Lorene and Cloe). These are three very similar models, in which the main variation is the heel height, and they are in great demand as shoes to work in hospitality and uniformed professions when an additional touch of elegance is required, which provides the heel. We manufacture them in Spain, like all our shoes, with the same soft skins, antibacterial microfiber lining, memory-foam plant and non-slip sole. They are very suitable black rooms to work as a receptionist, also as shoes for hostesses, for sales clerks, uniformed administrative staff and the like.

Thirdly, the Marie model, manufactured on the same non-slip polyurethane sole as the Camile and with identical materials and last, also enjoys an excellent reception among our customers, being a model perhaps somewhat more conservative when it comes to design, but with the advantage of holding the foot very well.

Up to this point we have talked about the best-selling models, which are also the most veteran of our catalog of work shoes, but we believe it is important to review a model of the new batch, incorporated a few months ago into the collection, so He has not yet had time to make a place in the top positions of the sales list, but that points ways and promises to soon become, at least, a powerful number two. We refer to the Mirelle model, a very comfortable moccasin, closed with a shovel, which with a modern and elegant design, provides an extra support for the foot. For its manufacture, we have used the very successful polyurethane sole with non-slip inserts of the Camile and Marie models, also maintaining the same materials for the cut, the lining and the removable insole.

Of course, new additions to our collection of women’s work shoes will soon arrive. We are already working on two very versatile flat moccasins for uniformity in general, with new non-slip EVA soles, very light and comfortable.

But that is matter for another day.